Chief's Message


Chief James Kenny The Vernon Police Department is committed to excellence and the delivery of professional police services while providing its members with the equipment and training needed to successfully complete the mission.

Vernon's Most Wanted

Why Law Enforcement?

If you are looking for a rewarding and meaningful career, if you want to be a positive role model for your community, and if you want to make a real difference in people's lives, then law enforcement is the job for you.

A Call To Serve

Are you looking for a job where you "don't sit behind a desk?" One in which you make a difference? Consider a job with the Vernon Police Department. Learn More »


Like the citizems of Vernon, officers from the Vernon Police Department come from all walks of life. Put your diversity and personal life experience to work for you. Learn More »

New Challenges And Opportunities

Vernon officers are contantly faced with new challenges.They are challenged not only physically but mentally as well. Explore the unique challenges and opportunities that a law enforcement career has to offer.Learn More »

A Rich History And A Bright Future

Everyone wants to be part of a successful team. Join the Vernon Police Department and you will not only be a member of a highly motivated team, but a member of a family that extends world wide. Learn More »

Financial Stability

Bottom line: everyone wants stability in their lives. A career in law enforcement offers good money, a stable job, and benefits. Not to mention, you will get the reward of knowing YOU are making a difference. Learn More »

What's The Job Really Like?

Images of law enforcement served up by the media through television, movies, and even the local news are often a poor reflection of what the job is really like. While the dangers of the job are real, and you will be trained to expertly handle any situation, the bulk of police work involves real people and real problems.