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Chief James Kenny The Vernon Police Department is committed to excellence and the delivery of professional police services while providing its members with the equipment and training needed to successfully complete the mission.

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Quality of Life and Nuisance Issues

What can I do about my noisy neighbors?

While the noise is occurring, call the Vernon Police Department non-emergency number at (860) 872-9126. The dispatcher will ask you if you are willing to sign a complaint. You must be willing to sign in order for officers to respond.

If you are experiencing an ongoing conflict with your neighbors, mediation is an alternative solution. In mediation, disputing parties meet with members of the Rockville Community Block Watch, who act as impartial mediators to resolve the problems. Neighbors interested in mediation should contact the Rockville Community Block Watch by visiting the link and sending an e-mail to the group so that mediation can be scheduled.

For more information about the purpose to mediation visit the National Crime Prevention Council link.

What can I do about barking dogs in my neighborhood?

The Vernon Police Department will respond to calls about barking dogs. However, it will only be to attempt to identify where the problem is coming from and see if an owner can be identified and advised of the problem.

If the owner cannot be identified, the matter will be referred to the Vernon Animal Control Officer to be addressed. You can also contact the Vernon Animal Control Officer, if it is within normal business hours at (860) 870-3558.

How can I report animals running loose in my neighborhood?

If it is within normal business hours call the Town of Vernon Animal Control Officer at (860) 870-3558, to report incidents involving animals that threaten public health and safety.

How can I report narcotics activity in my neighborhood?

You can report narcotics activity in your neighborhood using the on-line Citizen Request Form.

The form asks for information about the location and nature of the activity, when it occurs, who is involved and whether you'd like to be contacted directly. Once submitted, the request will be reviewed by a supervisor and forwarded to the proper division of the police department.