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Chief James Kenny The Vernon Police Department is committed to excellence and the delivery of professional police services while providing its members with the equipment and training needed to successfully complete the mission.

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Police Services in Your Neighborhood

Where is the Rockville substation?

The Rockville sub-station is located at 21 Ward Street in Rockville. The sub-station is an annex to the police department which is used by beat officers to conduct follow-ups, write reports, and meet with the citizens of the community. The sub-station is not manned 24/7, and any routine or emergency calls should be directed to Vernon Police Department at (860) 872-9126 or 9-1-1.

I would like to ride along with a police officer. How do I sign up?

The Vernon Police Department does offer civilian ride-alongs to the public. You need to complete a request to participate in a ride along program form and submit it to the Vernon Police Department Shift Commander. On the form, you can request the date and time when you want to participate in the ride along. You should be aware that there are requirements to participate in the ride along program. You may sign up for a four hour block of time to ride with an officer, and could be subpoenaed to and required to testify in court if necessary. The Vernon Police Department will conduct a background check on you and you could be rejected from participating if you have any type of criminal record. You must also complete a Waiver of Liability and sign it in the presence of an officer on the date of the ride along.

How do I request extra patrol time in my neighborhood?

You can request extra patrol in your neighborhood using the on-line Citizen Request Form. The form asks for information about the location and nature of your problem, when it occurs, who is involved and whether you'd like to be contacted directly. Once submitted, the request will be forwarded to the appropriate shift for follow up.

How do I request the speed enforcement in my neighborhood?

You can request that officers conduct selected speed enforcement in your neighborhood, which will be assigned to district patrol officers as time permits. The only requirement with the "officer performed selective speed enforcement" is that we need to know that time of day and frequency of the speeding problem. For example, if the problem time is from 3:00 p.m. to 4 p.m., we wouldn't want an officer to spend from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. trying to enforce traffic violations because he/she will miss the problem drivers. Knowing when the highest incidence of problems is will be vital to combating the problem effectively. To make such a request, call (860) 872-9126 and speak with the shift commander.