Chief's Message


Chief James Kenny The Vernon Police Department is committed to excellence and the delivery of professional police services while providing its members with the equipment and training needed to successfully complete the mission.

Vernon's Most Wanted

New Challenges and Opportunities

Are you looking to be an officer like the one you see in the movies or on the TV? If so, you will be sad to know that is not what the job is like.

However, if you're looking for a job that does not require you to sit behind a desk from 9 to 5, and challenges you to think and act quickly on your feet day after day, the you found the right job.

Today, law enforcement offers a career environment that is diverse in both opportunity and personnel.Officers are empowered with the awesome responsibility and authority to maintain public order. At the same time, officers have the unique opportunity to engage with citizens, identify and solve problems, and positively affect their communities on a daily basis.

The result is a dynamic profession that blends tactical response, critical thinking, and interpersonal skill. Law enforcement agencies respond to tens of thousands of calls for service each year. Each day presents new challenges that require application of these varied skills in new and different situations.

Due to the ever changing nature of society and the job, officers are provided training and education to stay ahead the social curve. Training does not stop after the academy. It's a daily event.